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right now at 11ing:00, search crews with dogs, fbi agents and police officers searching for a missing 20-month-old girl -- 21-month-old girl in oakland. it's been 24 hours since daphne viola webb was reportedly last seen by her father and now we have just learned he has been arrested. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. the father you mentioned, who is in custody now, he says his daughter was snatched from his car back on 79th avenue near the coliseum yesterday morning but this developing story has a long list of twists. christie smith is live outside the oakland police department
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now explaining why the father is, in fact, under arrest. christie, good morning. >> reporter: oakland police say the little girl's father, john webb is under arrest for child endangerment, basically for leaving that little girl in the car. we spoke with neighbors who say they haven't spoken with the father since the girl went missing. police are not calling him a suspect they say their focus today is still on finding little daphne viola webb, 21-month-old little girl who was the subject of an amber alert. his father says he went to a market on 79th and international late yesterday morning, left her in the car for just a few minutes while he ran inside. he says when he returned, she was gone. his 87-year-old mother was in the car, too, but she suffers from dementia and unable to help investigators. this morning, search dogs were back at his apartment on greenridge street in east oakland. police and the fbi have been there several times.
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one neighbor says she knows that daphne webb was staying across the hall with her dad, john webb, but she says that she hasn't seen or heard the baby at all in weeks. she says she has told her story to police but here is the police spokesperson, jana watson. >> we placed the father under arrest. john web was arrested last evening. we placed him under arrest for child endangerment. investigators became concerned yesterday during the investigation when we learned that he drove to the 1400 block of 79th avenue. he left a 21-month-old child, his little girl, daphne webb, in the car. >> i thought the baby was gone with the mom because i hadn't seen her in four to six weeks. >> what do you think of all this now that you heard? >> i just hope that the baby comes up, they find the baby alive. >> now, police say they are still trying to establish a timeline of when anyone last saw
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little daphne in person. they say they are going to be back at the martin luther king regional shoreline park, over near the airport here in oakland with a marine unit later today and then underwater robot. they say this is an area where web was known to go with his daughter from time to time. there were reports of a woman, possibly walking away a baby from that area yesterday, possibly black or hispanic, with long, dark hair. investigators say this is still, too, part of the investigation. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. just hours later, another oakland toddler disappeared when carjackers apparently stole the van he was in. police say the thieves approached the mother at a gas station near 42nd and foothill, climbed into her van and drove off. the woman's toddler was in the back seat. the thieves apparently dropped the child off under a tree a few blocks away. the boy was not hurt. >> the people that took the car left their jackets on top of the
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baby. they weren't trying to kill the baby or anything, hurt the baby, it was only of the car. >> police are still looking for the suspects and the stolen 2002 honda van. now to our continuing coverage of the asiana air line crash. just overnight, crews there started lifting pieces from that plane wreckage off 28 l;péñ at francisco international airport. you can see the giant crane doing the job and engine of the plane carted away the spotlight there, center of your screen. nbc bay area's bob redell the latest on the cleanup efforts along with the details on that investigation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you you jon. the ntsb released runway 28 l back to the airport. this morning, sfo tells us they are in the process of cleaning seawall and a broken piece of navigational equipment. they are still waiting for the nts about to release that grass
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area you are looking at now and the wreckage that could happen in the next day or so once it does happen, the airport believe these could have 28 out back open for traffic and another 48 to 72 hours. so possibly by sunday or monday. it's just a matter of removing that airplane, cleaning up any spilled jet fuel and having the faa conduct a test landing to make sure the runway is safe. >> people who were seated in the back had a very different experience with respect to the crash forces and the damage that was in their compartment. the front of the aircraft has been described as undamaged, that they could have you know, if you didn't know this was a crashed airplane, the interior of the cabin looked like any other airplane but it was very different in the back. >> that was the ntsb chair explaining why that pilot waited 90 seconds to evamg vac wait flight 214. initially when a flight attendant asked him after the crash wanted the evacuation, he
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said no, tell passengers stay cam and their seats, wasn't until another flight attendant notified him a fire was starting outside the window he started the evacuation. since that pilot was located in the front of the plane, the least amount of damage, he might not have realized how serious that crash had been. the pilot reported that a bright light temporarily blinded him during final approach, 34 seconds before the crash. he says it was not aly asary and whatever it was only affected him momentarily because when did he look back down, he had no trouble seeing his controls and the instrument panel. back out live, it is time to remove that wreckage that 777 is so big, it will have to be taken out in sections to another location on the airport property. >> that looks like we just lost our bob redell. he is live in burlingame. again, to reiterate what he said, the runway where asiana airlines flight 214 crashed, 28 l it will reopen in the next 48 to 72 hours. moving on now, patients are still in the hospital following
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saturday's crash. san francisco general is treating eight patients this morning, two of them are children. three of those patients are in critical condition. stanford says two patients remain in that hospital. st. francis still has one patient. the same for st. mary's with one patient remaining there. the very first time, we are hearing from the flight crew on board the asiana flight 214. six of those flight attendants still remain hospitalized but six others did hold a news conference out at sfo. the cabin manager spoke through an interpret. the survivors, they say, she was the first one to speak to them after that crash and the6s] laso leave that wreckage. even managed to carry one man off the plane to safety. >> i hope for all the family who have suffered losses from this accident to recover as quickly as possible and they are all in my prayers. >> ntsb investigators now say that flight attendants were very
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crucial in getting everybody safely off thatuq-ñplane. >> there are no ambulances here. we have been on the ground 20 minutes. >> newly released 911 calls made on the runway moments after the plane crashed. as you are about to hear, the comme common theme throughout was the frustration from passengers that help is not arriving fast enough. within seconds of crashing at sfo at 11:27 saturday morning, the 911 calls began pouring in from passengers, some who, believe it or not, managed to keep calm. >> san francisco airport and our airplane just crashed upon landing and i think we need some help as soon as possible. >> but that tone was in the minority, especially as survivors started to understand the magnitude of the situation that was unfolding right before their eyes. >> a crashfñ/no carrierringring
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>> survivors said they waited 40 minutes to get any sort of medical attention. to be clear, fire trucks station ted airport were on scene within just a few minutes. it was, again, lack of ambulances that many passengers were upset with. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the asiana air crash. we also have more images from
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one of the passengers, what you're looking at here, ben levy provided these photos to us, taken the moment after he got off the plane. z slide show on r website, you can also hear more of those 911 calls. right now, we have a ó san jose's 26th homicide of the year. ard matthew jacobson in connection with a deadly stabbing. early yesterday morning, police found 37-year-old christopher bowman with stab bounds at a homeless shelter on julian street, a few blocks away from the deer done station. investigators do not, at this point, believe this one was gang related. still ahead a san francisco giant in trouble with the law. the bizarre incident leading up to alg charge of lewdness. plus, closing arguments start energy the george zimmerman trial. we will let you know how soon that jury could start deliberating. you are so close to the
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all-important weekend. you can taste it at this point. and it's going to be spectacular around here. we are going to let you know the best places where you can hit the beach, you can hit the campgrounds, all across the bay area. yep, coming up in your full forecast. and it is the video you cannot get sick of watching, impalas running for their lives in south africa, when nbc bay area news returns.
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closing arguments are under way in the trial of george zimmerman. zimmerman has bleeded not guilty to second-degree murder saying  he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed trayvon martin more than a year ago. nbc's sarah daloff has the latest developments from sanford, florida.>o >> reporter: no jury present this morning as attorneys for both sides went over jury instructions before judge debra nelson. a key issue, the prosecution asking the jury be allowed to consider lesser offenses during deliberations. >> are you aware that your attorneys do not want any lesser-included charges being brought before the jury?
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>> yes, your honor. >> reporter: judge ruled the jury may consider a charge of manslaughter in the first degree, then the prosecution presented arguments for presente&háhp &hc&s for underlying felony of child abuse. >> this was a trick. >> reporter: defense attorney don west held nothing back when it was his turn to respond. >> just when i thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre, the state is seeking third-degree murder based on child abuse? >> these are part of the jury instructions that have been known to this court since i've been on the bench. so the -- i'm not finished speaking. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. >> thank you. >> reporter: heated moments have become more common as the trial has progressed, stretching over 12 days and involving testimony from 53 people. defendant george zimmerman was not among them. >> and what is your decision, sir? >> after corn subtling with counsel, not to testify, your
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honor. >> reporter: the jury did, however, hear zimmerman's version of what happened the ÷ killed trayvon martin through recorded interviews, a claim of self-defense the jury is expected to begin deliberating sarah daloff, nbc news. chad gaudin has been charged with lewdness after police say he touched a woman's breast while she was on a gurney at a las vegas hospital back in january. gaudin's attorney says the athlete was at the hospital because he was experiencing symptoms related to a condition called rabdo, a condition where your muscle tissue gets damaged apt particles are released into the body. that cause symptoms ranging from muscle aches to confusion and disorientation. this is a condition doctors say is only made worse by alcohol. >> can have more alteration in
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your metal status, you canning more confused, have muscle damage, problems with your liver, problems with your kidneys. >> las vegas police say when they arrested gaudin, he was con found spell smelled of alcohol. he is cooperating with authorities and denied doing anything wrong. experts say the plans to delay the opening of the bay bridge may put the public safety at risk. engineers on the seismic safety pier review committee said the old bridge is not safe in the event of an, so the new, eastern spanhould be opened as soon as possible. they have come up with a temporary fix for the broken bolts that could have the span open by labor day. they propose inserting whens into the areas, you of the broken bolts to stabilize them. bridge officials are considering the idea but say it is a concept, not a% solution. under the updated plan, the span will open in mid-december, at the earliest. a little head'sé upa
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clara county now, crews will be out fogging for mosquitos in san jose. the vector control district says mosquitoes in the zip codes rbúñ 95123 and 95136 both testing positive for2g west nile virus. fogging will take+l4 place in area roughly bordered by monterey road, blossom avenue, santa theresa boulevard and coddle road. the fogging is set to start at 11 p.m. tonight and last for several hours. hp is no longer it top of the pc markets. quarterly results show chinese company, lenovo, shipped more computers last quarter than hp did. hp has been the largest pcmaker since at least 2006. an hp spokesperson tells the mercury news the company has a plan for the future and hopes to be back on top. we are getting a look what google glass can do for your
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eyes. the houston zoo, one of the first to get the google glass, posted this video, a first person view of5 what it's like o go inside the leopard pen. that's the best way i like to watch it, from afar. the zoo will continue to post videos like this one from the point of view of its zoormj kees to test out those glasses. did you know that today is 7-11s unofficial birthday and offering free slurpees. >> sounds like a party. >> the convenience storx÷ held this event more than a decade, a key change this time around. the slurpees, they are bigger. >> what i'm talking b >> 12 ounce instead of the 7.11 ounces in years past. >> pretty good bump. >> the were, less mess, moms asked for cups with éñlids, so 7-11 7-1 7-11 obliged. >> wi wipies. >> i will take a root beer one. >> i will take a margarita. good day of drinking
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whatever your choice s >> i will take both. make it a double. a good-looking day shaping up, taking a live look here, sinole, nice blue sky overhead. we had to wait for it though, that fog was certainly present just about all morning long, up until the past hour. mostly cloudy condition, now let's show you what that's doing to your temperatures, sun coming out, 68 in livermore, 66, san jose, upper 50s in the fog in santa rosa and fog is adding to the backup out in san francisco. sfo, you got the closed runway still and thick, low ceiling, flight delays 2 hours and 40 minutes axd tricky travel day a together, get to the northeast, potent thunderstorms shaping up, you want to check ahead with your carrier throughout the day, think about the/+ñ weekend righ about now. going tw to that forecast in a minute, show you what's happening out there, an interesting setup, we have competing weather systems, right now, you can see the fog is mostly concentrated at the immediate coastline, get a lot of clearing over the silicon valley i most of the bay area. widen out four thursday this kind offn! surprising to see al
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these showers8"t coming down, the way throughout southern california. now, this is high pressure, had shower% this the bay area early this morning, area of low pressure coming in, area heads off to the east, for us, see very different weather today, cool conditions at the coastline and warm, muggy conditions inland today. highs today, comfortable, drop those numbers five degrees yesterday, 86 on the way to livermore, 74, fremont, 78 in san jose. all right. let's go camping, shall we? you know, smell the marshmallows roasting out there. 60s in north lake tahoe, where you are going to be headed, the course of the within, make sure you're aware of the coolest mornings that we are expecting, temperatures upper 30s to low 40s, going to be chilly but really comfortable, clear conditions for your camping.!w/ fire danger could be elevated this time of year but not that bad. however, want to be on the best of behavior, make sure you don't leave that camp fire until it is completely out. summer name california.
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steady guys, all the way through the extended period. >> always full of good advice. >> strong. >> isn't she? >>#97 indeed. i second that emotion. still to come, decision today that could sweeten the plan to keep the a's in oakland. break out crazy new video straight out of south africa. let you know, wow what had these impalas seriously on the run.
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we could be learning some time today whether oakland's bid to keep the a's will clear a major hurdle. for the fourth time in the last two weeks, the city port commission considering settling a lawsuit filed by one of the port's biggest terminal operators. the proposed settlement would end operations at howard terminal, freeing up about 50 acres of waterfront land for a brand new ballpark.
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howard term signal seen as the city's best option at this point for a new stadium because of its location right near jack london square. one side note here, if an agreement is, in fact, reached, other terminal operators say they will sue the port in return. the newest warrior will officially be introduced later today. the deal bringing former denver nugget and all-star andre iguodala to golden state is now officially complete. i'm just hoppyappy i got his na right a three-team trade. he is set to make $48 million the next four years the warriors. >> good if you can get t sefrnlts single? >> introduced during a news conference at noon today. you can watch it live on our sister station, comcast sports net bay area. iguodala. i like it. >> fine job, you pronounced it the goal is to spell it. take a quiz next week. >> perfect. still to come on 191 a.m. y how about this? look at the video here, hard to
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believe. take a look, these impalas running scared. that's cheetah out there. [ male announcer ] in your lifetime,
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finish things up, get on the good foot and do the wild thing from south africa. >> check this out, an impala being chased by two cheetahs bothed across the road it pulled a 180, jumped through the window of that veerk cart full of tourists. >> you think the guy taking the picture, you think he is scared? >> we will show this to you >> we wi&háhp &hc&is to you the guy holding the camera going oh, my goodness. look at this okay so, one of the people in the vehicle managed to get his door open and got the animals out, the cheetahs were yards away but gave up the chase, thank goodness for their safety. >> cheetah out there looking for a little lunch. >> big lunch. >> that's impressive. thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5. have a great day, everybody. >> see you tomorrow. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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